Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kikka Las Vegas' holiday wishes

Kikka Las Vegas
Originally uploaded by cosmosmoonjewelry
My cat Kikka is a washed up showgirl from Vegas.
She's still pretty, but has put on a few.. well, let's call her extra fluffy...
She spends her days in her fluffy slippers watching stories, eating bonbons and writing to her "penpal" in prison.

She made me take this picture for all her admirers..and she wanted me to write "Kikka hopes that you are having a purrrrfectly lovely holiday"..... what class!

she let me add this:
:-) sending warm sunshine from southern AZ
(where I had to change into a thinner t-shirt today it was so warm)
happy holidays to you and yours-
ciao- Maureen


Maureen BZ said...

no, I haven't gone completely nuts- I just wanted to lighten things up a bit- Have a great week everyone- drive safe!

MetalSmitten said...

awww, cute photo!


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