Monday, December 7, 2009

I want my studio time!!

Last week I spent most of my work hours updating my image files and posting new pieces on my etsy and artfire shops. It's amazing how long it takes to write good descriptions!

I'm also trying to lighten up some of my images...I have a tendency to go dark on my photos...or too now I'm experimenting once again with backgrounds and diffusion methods.
I've been up for critique from my etsy metals peers this week, and I've had
a few good suggestions on how to get the most from my shop-
One thing I am going to look forward to is the gradient papers I am ordering for backgrounds of my work. They are great backgrounds that give metals a nice atmosphere to sit on and I'm hoping that adding them as my background will bring a more polished look to my shop.
well, that's my update du Jour-
I'm heading to the studio as soon as I get the workers out of my house (they are working on the hearing this morning...believe it or not, we actually do use heat here in AZ in the winter..a couple of days, that is!)
OK, ciao for now- M


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Maureen BZ said...

wow- that's random- kind of skeezy too...did I say anything about diamonds? no........


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