Thursday, November 12, 2009

Open Studio Time Again!

This weekend I will be participating in the Tucson open studios Fall tour.
It's my second time doing it- I had declined participating up until now,
because my studio
is not located downtown with the cluster of other artists-
instead I am in a residential neighborhood
tucked away in my vegetable garden..
just me and the garden gnomes..

I decided to start being on the tour last year, when I was layed off from my day job-
it was a decision to accept all offers, try new things and just see where it would lead me. I had nothing to lose, and it proved to be a really enjoyable weekend.

Cosmo's Moon studio is located at 2609 E Mabel st- the little studio in the backyard garden-

I guess the big issue for me has always been setting deadlines, or knowing about deadlines especially for shows and publications...for some reason those have always eluded me. My first task this year, after I clear my schedule of my day job, is to create a calender of events and deadlines for 2010.
The satisfaction I get from meeting a deadline and completing a task is so rewarding, and I look forward to finding new mountains to climb.
wait....does that mean I have to learn how to yodel???
:-) ciao-M

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