Friday, November 6, 2009

lovely ladies

lovely ladies
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I love these new pewter pendants with images of the Venus of Willendorf-
I remember her as one of the first sculptures that we touched upon in Art History 101 waaaay back when I was in my first year or art school.
I love her because she is a real representation of motherhood, of female beauty and power. A venus from another time, when you couldn't photoshop any images, as they were on cave walls, and the skinnier the figure the less healthy or desirable it was.
Now I'm not here to celebrate obesity- we all know that carrying extra weight can be deadly. What I am saying is that I think women need a touchstone to remind us of our power, a talisman of femininity that is untouched by modern cosmetic ideals.
Unlike Botticelli's venus with it's incredible effusive beauty- the Venus of Willendorf's power is echoed in the howls of labor, the tenderness of friendship and the carnal pleasures of the flesh. You go girl!

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