Sunday, September 27, 2009

strap bracelet secrets

I love making these pieces- they are a collection of diverse components made with differing techniques- I work on them in a peculiar way...

first of all, the shapes are almost always soft organic forms- the idea came from looking at stone walls and how they are constructed...

then I play with different techniques...roller printing, chasing, repousse, filigree, cloisonne, wax carving, inlay, mokume, hollow construction, etching, wire work...I tell people that I "binge on techniques" I play with them until I've scratched the itch of curiosity in my mind.

After I have completed and am satisfied with the quantity of components I sit down and compose a line of approximately 10-12 components, thinking about the way they will wrap around the wrist.

I have made a belt buckle by carving it in hard wax and then taking a mold of it so that I can produce it when I need it- I have a casting company make my buckles for me- but they are my own design, the original made by my hands, and cast exclusively by my order for my work only.

The buckle is set on the leather strap by a tube rivet (my design also)
and the components are then "strung" on the bracelet and locked in place.

By using this process of sampling techniques and composing after the pieces are complete I keep my work fresh and interesting- and, more important- UNIQUE! each bracelet therefore is one of a kind - I could make them all the same, but what's the fun in that?!!

I'm hoping to find some time this month to put together a few more bracelets- they do take a long time to complete, so this may be a challenge! Currently this piece is the only bracelet I have in stock- I will be happy to take special orders, and holiday requests. (send your honey this link so they can get a gift giving hint)

OK- I'm off to the studio- metals await! Have a great week- stay tuned, and please send me comments! (I love to read your responses!)
ciao!- Maureen BZ

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