Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alternative Materials

You know, with metals prices being what they are I have been experimenting with alternative materials- for one, they keep my prices affordable - (I don't believe that only wealthy people should have access to handmade craft) and also, I get to freely explore ideas without getting too hung up on the price of materials.

One of the things I started trying last spring was aluminum. I've been having a lot of fun with these pieces- roller printing (it's really squishy!) and stamping is incredibly satisfying- the tools act as if they were on steroids! then- blaspheme! I paint them.

oooh, I know, next thing you know I'll be stripped of my credentials as a professional metalsmith!
well, it's been fun while it lasted! :-) don't think I'm going to stop now!


Sayo said...

ooh! looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I like aluminium too, and especially painting on it :-). Alcohol inks do cool things on metal.


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