Thursday, April 30, 2009

the state of my affairs

You know I love LOVE LOVE to fabricate one of a kinds, but lately I have been posting a lot of my more traditional, "pretty" jewelry in my cosmo's moon shop ...mostly pieces that I have carved and cast, so they are fast to put together and get out for sale... 

here are a few examples...

"florette" earrings- cast from wax carvings I created during a particularly fastidious time in my metals career...( I have listed a couple of colors)I think they work for both "Connecticut prep" and "Post punk" women..(great for multiple hole ears like I have)  

and my "goth"/ biker chic choker (one of my faves for dress up)

However, what seems to be selling most lately are the custom pieces... which keeps me busy... but I would love to thin out my inventory... selling a piece that is already listed? ah, Bliss! 

So, meanwhile these days before the summer season gets into swing, I'm keeping busy prepping stock for summer galleries back east, and next week I return to work 2 days a week as a goldsmith for Krikawa jewelry.. 
Just like my initials say- (I) M. B. Z. ciao! M :D

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