Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Earshot....the image dilemma

or: Earrings..Sometimes it is all about Size

I've been thinking about how to display my earrings
in my Etsy shop, and I've decided that I need to include 
4 shots....

1) front shot..nice and clear and dramatic..."clickable and alluring"

2) side/ depth shot...show the dimension of the piece

3) back detail....cause us detail divas need to see the craftmanship!

and the Biggie....
                          4) size.....who puts a ruler up to their ears 
        when they are thinking about buying earrings? I mean, really!

so, in lieu of having a model with perky ears
on hand every time I take pics, 
I had a friend take a picture of my ears...
(thankfully I have cute ears...)
I sized the image to life size, 
printed the image...
poked a hole where the piercing would be 
(and digitally erased all my other holes....
my badges of honor from the '80's)

Now, I always have an ear model...
there is no "ick factor" ,
because the "model" is a piece of paper

and she works cheap...for Q-tips!

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