Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tucson open studio spring event

well, I finally did it..I opened my studio and gardens for the weekend during last week's open studio event. It ended up being one long garden party- so much fun and very satisfying to see many old friends and meet new ones as well.

Thankfully, I had a lot of help from my dear friend and cohort, Gina Reyes (the queen of the kings), who deftly composed a number of scrumptious savories for folks to nosh. (the gorgonzola cream cheese was amazing, and the persian 
cucumbers...Oh My Oh My!)

Guido and Cosmo put their party hats on too, and were perfect "ushers"; setting out more food, giving impromptu garden tours...Cosmo even gave us a preview of the  Mexican folklorico sword dance that he has been learning (thankfully he left his violin in it's much as I am proud of him, he's not ready for his debut)

I was very happy to see many friends that I don't get much face time with- and delighted when a couple of my new online friends showed up- one from twitter, one from facebook! 

I made a few sales, more than enough to cover the costs of the weekend, (which I am thankful for.) So now I have to spend some time in my workshop, putting together another body of work. (I am currently making summer jewelry, light, playful, bold and be introduced on my etsy shop "Cosmo's Moon")

So, in 6 months I plan on doing it over again- this time as a holiday party...(hot toddies, mulled wine.....mmmmm) I'm coming out of my studio shell...look out Tucson! (and world)

until next time.....ciao ciao- Maureen

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Displays, Gardening, sign-age, metals finishing....

I am preparing for an open studio event this weekend- 
lots of extra work
I'm pretty excited- it will be the official "launch" of my studio 
(which had been delayed 1 year, due to my crazy work schedule last year)

Luckily, it looks like the weather is going to be perfect
(around 73 degrees) sometimes we get those crazy hot days here
(like in February , when it reached 90 degrees)

Here is the front of the postcard that I sent out...

if you happen to be in Tucson (or close by) please stop by!
I'll post images of the event next week-
ciao- M

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Report from the Far West

Amazing Artists,
Historic Buildings, 
Sunny skies, 
Free Trade,
Flowing Liquids, 
Saw File and Soldering.....

Just a few descriptive words for the Magical annual event called the Yuma Sumposium
(click here to see the YS website) The last weekend in February, the dusty 
desert outpost of Yuma Arizona hosts artists and creative minds from around the world. 
This year was the 30th anniversary.

I describe it like this:
the Yuma Symposium is where your heroes 
become your friends
and your friends become your heroes

Me and Harlon Butt, the President elect of the 
Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)
and the creator of the most poetically gorgeous cloisonné vessels you will ever set eyes on
his website is at:

(I had the privilage to take a workshop with Harlon a few years ago and I get to see him every once in a while at metalsmithing conferences. It is always wonderful to see him)

Yuma is where you get a good dose of kitsch, 
with a flair that lets you know
(in no uncertain terms)
that you are on the edge of California

it's a place where
a man on a segway with a cellphone
ambles by a Giant Rooster...all on webcam 

(the webcam had more interesting images when we were there, that's for sure)

It had been 6 years since I had last attended the Symposium, but I declare now that 
I will move heaven and earth to attend next year. 
It was that good.



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