Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Rings and "Franco SonoStanco"

" Maremekko" ring

I'm introducing a duo of solid silver rings

this week in my Etsy shop.

"Paisley Silver"

these were made during my time studying engraving
in Florence Italy.
And When I met one of my many Mentors...

My instructor is known as one of Florence Italy's most versatile
Master Jeweler.
He continues today to teach stone setting and hand engraving
4 nights a week at Fuji studios (via Guelfa). He is also the head goldmith for Graziella Jewelry, Florence Italy.

His name is Franco Benevieri,
but I always call him Franco "sono stanco"
(Franco "I'm tired"...)

He would come in and teach
5-10 of us (mostly foreign) students
the art of hand engraving and stone setting

after he put in a full days work at the bench.

Sitting in the Big arched entry hall of the studio,

smoking countless "MS" cigarettes..
sometimes listening to soccer...
He would come around to the bench and do
a quiet demo...
in simple Italian
for those who didn't yet speak the language..
All the students would leave the program with
at least a few phrases..

"fai Buchi"- drill holes,

"e' torto"- it's distorted

"fatto male"- made poorly

and if you were lucky......

"Brava"( good) usually followed by..

"coolo"- slang for lucky...
and of course,
" sono stanco",
(cause the guy works all the time
and is exhausted by the end of the day)

I got to visit him last summer..

here's a pic...
Thanks (Grazie) Franco for all of those days
that you go to teach, even when
you are "stanco morto".
Your knowledge and expertise are so valuable, and sharing it
will help many other metalsmiths continue
to uphold the standards and traditions that you teach.
I hope to see him again this summer... until then..
Fai Buchi!

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