Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more thoughts about pricing

I have been thinking about the pricing question.. I wonder if there is a pattern of professionals verses hobbyists..

For myself, Metals is my profession. I try to price my work in accordance with that fact. ( and I am still trying to adjust my prices to pay myself fairly..)I simply cannot give my time and expertise away anymore.(not to mention supplies and tools..studio rent..computer expenses...)

Still, I understand that Metalsmithing is really FUN! and attractive to many people as a hobby. So, I respect that hobbyists want to be able to sell their work too and may not price as if they are working craftspeople.

So, I guess this is the edge of the discussion about prices today in my mind.. Professionals and Hobbyists are here together and we are all working on our passion. I think that discussions about pricing are important, and we also need to respect each other's differing circumstances and experience.Climbing down off soapbox now....Ciao!- M

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