Sunday, January 4, 2009


It can be difficult to juggle galleries with online sales.

I have been working as a metalsmith for 20+ years and have always struggled with the gallery/artist relationship in many ways. Online sales and Etsy have given me a new market which is very liberating.

What I do is I show my more expensive one of a kind pieces at my galleries (where customers can physically inspect each piece, and they have a better understanding of it's value of craftmanship).

Meanwhile, Etsy is a marketplace for my developing production line (which I am really enjoying!)and some older one of a kinds.

With my etsy line I can be sure that I am selling and developing my work independant of any gallery owner's bias(not having to worry if my work is avant garde enough). Meanwhile with my gallery pieces I can continue pushing the envelope of my design sensabilities.

So far, this formula has been pretty satisfying. I am always learning new things about business and am grateful that we have a forum to discuss our artistic and business development online, both here in blogs, on twitter or in forums of various craft venues online.

In a sense, this online community has replaced the art organizations that I have been affiliated with over the years (like Arizona Designer Craftsmen). Because the online community is so large I find that I am able to be much more specific about what I want to discuss and who I enjoy discussing it with. And on top of that, I don't have to suffer any more art openings with crappy wine anymore! Cheers!

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CarolynArtist said...

Interesting topic- the difference between gallery and Etsy (retail) pricing. I agree about being able to push the envelope, it is so missed on Etsy. The biggest sellers in my shop are do-overs, which I love to make, and it is comforting and rewarding on so many levels. Sometimes I want to spend a week on a funky artsy item...


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