Sunday, December 21, 2008

endless finish

Do you ever have those pieces that never seem to get finished?

I have had a few pieces that have taken years to complete, for one reason or the other.

Today, I finally finished this brooch after having it hang out on my bench since summer '06!

My theory on why it took so long? 60% I really loved making it and I didn't want it to end...

30% lazyness, not wanting to put on the optivisor and do the tiny tweaks....

the last 10%? It just wasn't time for it to be done.

I will be posting this to my shop withing the next few weeks..ready to send it out into the world after a long and fruitful hibernation....

Friday, December 19, 2008

End of the year..holidays.. intentions..and beyond

So it's just about time when most of the western hemisphere comes to a grinding halt. The winter holidays are upon us again, (funny how they do that every year). And, like most of you,

I am busy trying to keep it all in the air!

I have had a good year, 2008. I did a little of this and that.We survived our first year of public school (barely... there's a story about the after school program that lost my kid), Opened an Etsy shop, traveled to Italy, had some joyous times and sorrow (with the passing of my 93 year old grandfather ).

I am eager to see what the future will bring. I'm planning on keeping my son home from school on January 20th to watch the inauguration of our new (and promising) President. . I imagine many families will do the same!

About a month ago, I read someones blog and it had this great idea... to take an image a day. It didn't matter what image, (family, art, whatever) just take an image and post it.. I intend to start this exercise January 1st. It seems simple, but I can't help wondering if I will let it slide, like taking a vitamin pill.. I know it will be good for me, but somehow...LIFE happens and I get sidetracked. Let's see if this exercise can help me stay on track. (At the least it will give me an excuse to go out and see the world more! )
here is an image from my world last year..
Mount Lemmon Highway, from Windy Point Vista Tucson Az 2008
I hope you all have great holidays, and I look forward to hearing from you in the upcoming year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Sweater Nanas

I wanted to share with you today about a heartwarming tradition that was carried out in my son's class this morning. It is a perfect illustration of grace and generosity, carried out by dedicated crafters and benefiting everyone in the tree room community.

Thirteen years ago one of the students in the (K-1) tree room shared that she had a nana (grandma) who loved to knit. This Nana spent all year knitting, even during the sweltering Tucson summers. She knit, knit, knit....

What was she working on? This incredible woman was knitting for all the kids in her grandchild's classroom! In December, before holiday break, the "sweater nana" came to the class and presented each boy and girl in the classroom with a handmade sweater, gloves or hat, to keep and cherish for their very own. The children were delighted!

For the two years that the girl was in the tree room, the sweater nana knit each child a special piece, and each year they had a "Sweater Nana" day just before the holidays. Then, as all kids do, the little girl graduated to her next classroom.

So, December rolled around once more.. and, just before the holidays, the sweater nana showed up at school, to the tree room like before with knitted offerings for each girl and boy in the class!

The sweater nana had chosen the room, and a tradition lived on!

The sweater Nana continued her knitting grace and generosity for many years. Then, eight years ago she passed away. The tree room had lost this generous soul and everyone was very sad. Until, one of the Nieces of the sweater nana said, wait! I am carrying on the tradition. And with that, her generosity lives on.

Today there are seven "Sweater Nanas" ( four were able to come to the school this morning) and they spend all year long knitting, thinking about the generosity and grace of the original nana. They think of the children as they knit, clack clack-ing their way through each sweater with love and dedication.

After the "Sweater Nana" story was told this morning, a unique sweater and hat set was laid out for the kids to choose. And one by one, each child rose and selected their love letter.

Happy Holidays.


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