Sunday, December 21, 2008

endless finish

Do you ever have those pieces that never seem to get finished?

I have had a few pieces that have taken years to complete, for one reason or the other.

Today, I finally finished this brooch after having it hang out on my bench since summer '06!

My theory on why it took so long? 60% I really loved making it and I didn't want it to end...

30% lazyness, not wanting to put on the optivisor and do the tiny tweaks....

the last 10%? It just wasn't time for it to be done.

I will be posting this to my shop withing the next few weeks..ready to send it out into the world after a long and fruitful hibernation....

1 comment:

pickleberries said...

Makes me think of 1 of my faves, Gustav Klimt.


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