Friday, December 19, 2008

End of the year..holidays.. intentions..and beyond

So it's just about time when most of the western hemisphere comes to a grinding halt. The winter holidays are upon us again, (funny how they do that every year). And, like most of you,

I am busy trying to keep it all in the air!

I have had a good year, 2008. I did a little of this and that.We survived our first year of public school (barely... there's a story about the after school program that lost my kid), Opened an Etsy shop, traveled to Italy, had some joyous times and sorrow (with the passing of my 93 year old grandfather ).

I am eager to see what the future will bring. I'm planning on keeping my son home from school on January 20th to watch the inauguration of our new (and promising) President. . I imagine many families will do the same!

About a month ago, I read someones blog and it had this great idea... to take an image a day. It didn't matter what image, (family, art, whatever) just take an image and post it.. I intend to start this exercise January 1st. It seems simple, but I can't help wondering if I will let it slide, like taking a vitamin pill.. I know it will be good for me, but somehow...LIFE happens and I get sidetracked. Let's see if this exercise can help me stay on track. (At the least it will give me an excuse to go out and see the world more! )
here is an image from my world last year..
Mount Lemmon Highway, from Windy Point Vista Tucson Az 2008
I hope you all have great holidays, and I look forward to hearing from you in the upcoming year!

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CarolynArtist said...

OOooo pretty photo, I know where that isssssss! Awww so sad and sorry to hear about your Grandpa! I miss my grandma all the time! Our family lives so close to DC, and works there (Dad lives in the city), we will be staying in the Burbs on the 20th, this area is going to be worse than ever for any type of commuting, it's going to be something else! We'll all be home watching on the tele as well! It's an amazing day to celebrate I agree!!! (sorry the after-school prg lost your child...NOT good!!!)


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