Monday, November 10, 2008

My Dirty little Secret

Ok, well perhaps it's not dirty , and more of an omission than secret, but here it goes.

After over 20 years of working as a metalsmith, I have never participated in any Craft Sale.
Yup, that's it, I know, it's SHOCKING. (;-)....

So what have I been doing all this time? mostly selling through galleries and shops for my own work, and 'smithing for other (more business minded) artists. And teaching Metals at all different venues.

And How is that working? guess if it was perfect then I wouldn't be here, declaring with knees shaking, that I am throwing my hat into the Craft show/sale ring.

(some of the work that I will be showing)

On November 22nd I am joining other Local artists here in Tucson at a Craft Sale. It is my hope that this will be a good introduction, and will encourage me to participate in more sales to come (I have my eye on a couple in the spring).
I am defining a new path.

It's a little exciting I must admit, to try something new. I could have done this 20 years ago, but something has always stopped me.

Here it is..I have convinced myself that I cannot sell water to a dehydrated man. AND NOW I DECLARE PHOOEY on that kind of "stinkin thinkin".!*! If I'm a little shaky, I'll get over it. If I'm tongue tied, I'll smile, I will remember to breathe.

as Tim Gunn says, "make it work!"

Because we need to be courageous in times like these. So, (as a Leo) I will envoke the cowardly lion ..and find my sales roar.. at least Purr a little bit.

the end.. or the beginning


JMW Jewelry said...

good luck!!

Contrariwise said...

You live in TUCSON and you've NEVER participated in a show!


Well, GO FORTH and knock'em dead!

(Crap. I live in Indy. Nothing here except cornfields and haystacks.)

CarolynArtist said...

I hope you do great!!! Gosh I miss Tucson :-/ *note to self* Must go visit sister-in-law and soak in some sun and amazing beautiful scenery!!!

(omg contrariwise, that is so funny, cornfields and haystacks :o))

Maureen BZ said...

I told you it was shocking!
I've been showing through Obsidian gallery,(and other juried shows) and she had a strict exclusivity clause in her contract. Now that there is a new owner I have wiggle this is my first real try at selling my own work...well at least officially....

kim* said...

best wishes :)


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