Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Etsy Cafe Club

Just a short note... I am getting ready for a sale and a show so I haven't posted in a while.

Yesterday I got to spend the morning at coffee with some other local etsy artists.. This is the second time we have met, (Though we have been emailing each other and running into each other at the park.) and I find it to be rejuvinating!

The four shops that met are http://feralgirl.etsy.com/, http://walrustusk.etsy.com/. http://cosmosmoon.etsy.com/ (that's me) http://rimadesigns.etsy.com/, http://vella.etsy.com/
and we has a short visit from http://rainstorm.etsy.com/

We are all women artists from Tucson, with varying mediums and experiances with etsy, art, galleries, craft sales... and life. During our meeting, I feel so satisfied to be able to actually talk to other etsy artists, you know, someone who doesn't look at you sideways when you mention your "Treasury" or "Hearts".
(It's our own little Etsy support group)

As a solitary artist, I always crave community. I have sought it out through teaching, taking workshops, membership (even board positions) in art associations, and attending openings (UGH!). It's funny how the computer (which is such a solitary tool) has finally brought me the community of creative people that I have so long craved...

And Yes, I will still go to openings. If only to wear an interesting outfit! See you there!

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CarolynArtist said...

Sounds scrumpdidlyeeishshish! I'm having TUCSON envy! My father in law is visiting his youngest daughter and her brood...she was telling me about the weather. God I miss Tucson!!! They had dinner at Rosas, waaaaaaaaaah...would love to mee for java next time I'm in Tucson.


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