Monday, October 20, 2008

OKOKOK so I'm Blogging now

Here it goes..

So I've been trying to decide if I have any time to do my actual studio work anymore...And then I realise that one of my biggest challenges has always been too much work , not enough sales...

So, what to do? Work on my business?? EEEK!

(photo shows my a-hah moment of terror)

OH NO- after 20 plus years out of art school (SMFA Boston '89) I now have to admit that as a working artist I cannot afford to just work in my studio. (I'm a little bit slow, I know)

However, One of the best things about this is that now I have my techniques down pat and have a very developed aesthetic. So actually producing the work is not the issue.

Alas, as many artists have struggled in business, I too will put my names on the list. It comes I think from a low comfort level ...I mean, Give me a complicated soldering job? BLISS... but ask me a simple question about business and I I'm working on it, finally.

Thanks to Etsy and the many generous people who post in Forums, I am taking many steps to getting my work "out there" . For me, Forums and the Storque are one of the best ways to learn about my business and practices. I don't think I would have ever learned this much from an actual classroom.

My Etsy site at is rapidly developing with each week, and it is almost exactly what I want it to be....and I've been promised that this week my new castings will be shipped, so I will be posting my new designs soon. Can't wait!


Beth said...

Welcome to the blogosphere--it is addicting!

Carrie G said...

Nice photo! Does your face always get purple when you scream? ha ha
Love your work. bracelets are amazing! (linked to you from twitter)

Jenny said...

Hi, followed you from twitter! that doesn't make me a stalker, does it? :)

The blog is looking good!

Elise said...



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