Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a bit of fresh air...

As much as I love my work in the studio and office, it's not enough to keep the soul fresh and sassy....

So this weekend I took time to enjoy the natural world around me. Guido and I brought Cosmo and his buddy Max up to the mountains outside of Tucson to have a picnic and walk.

Here are a couple of images.....( Guido, Cosmo and Max drawing) and (view from the mountaintop, mt. Bigelow)

Today I have a few hours in my studio...I'm still waiting for my new pieces to arrive from the casters so now I'm just burning up energy, keeping the fires warm until my new supplies touch down!
Oh yes... one other thing, one of my pieces was on the front page of etsy yesterday. I was stoked!


Jen said...

We just took our family camping last weekend in Flagstaff. Isn't it the greatest! It's starting to get too cold for it and I'm bummed!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi, I just found your blog, I simply LOVE Tucson. Hubby's sister and her brood live there and we love to visit. Each time we go I say "I could live here and be inspired every second of every day!" Your Etsy shop is wonderful, you sound so busy!!!


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